Sparkle Music
Philosophy and Background

Sparkle music offers parents the chance to bring their child to an enjoyable shared music experience each week. They learn a wide repertoire of songs and rhymes which can be enjoyed at home. Musical skills are learnt and internalised through songs, rhymes, movement, percussion playing and listening to live instruments.

Songs are playful, lively, calming, tickling, bouncing, involve running round the room, or lying on the floor. Live music is demonstrated with games and quiet listening. Instruments include the piano, violin, steel pan and many more. Children are invited to explore a range of quality, child sized percussion instruments.

Classes are carefully structured and age appropriate, with familiar and new songs. Exciting and colourful props such as parachute, scarves and puppets bring the songs to life.

While the classes give the children and their parents a chance to enjoy music making with games and plenty of action, they are part of a carefully constructed curriculum, making sure key skills such as pulse, rhythm, and pitch are developed.

Singing unaccompanied means the children can hear the melody clearly, and when they are ready to begin singing themselves, they will be able to pitch match. Without the distraction of overbearing accompaniment the child can fully concentrate on their parent bringing a real sense of bonding.

Most songs and rhymes are traditional, that is songs that have been passed down through the generations- making them the best songs! I also include some original songs and appropriate new songs. All songs are interactive and there is plenty of movement allowing children to feel the music with their whole body.

Classes are arranged into tight age bands, enabling the curriculum to be crafted carefully for each developmental stage.

All Sparkle Music groups have been designed and are run by the founder, Anna. The carefully planned curriculum is unique to the class, and is based on ideas from the Great Hungarian Composer and educator Kodály. The classes progress in small, clear steps, giving the children the chance to gain a solid musical foundation.

As the only teacher and creator of the curriculum, Anna is able to be flexible and adapt activities according to the particular group. Anna is a local mother who began the classes because she was looking for ways to give her children the best musical start she could. As such all ideas have been tried out on her children first. She is a qualified primary school teacher, with a specialism in music and plays the piano and violin.