Sparkle Music
BABY: for babies from 0 - crawling

Catering for very young babies, this gentle class includes a wide repertoire of songs each with their own accompanying activity- play songs, tickling, peek-a-boo, relaxing... Songs are never accompanied with synthesized music, so baby can hear your voice and engage totally with you. Props such as the parachute and puppets bring the songs to life. Live musical instruments bring the music to life. Baby sized percussion instruments give the babies a chance to begin to explore sound possibilities. There is always time to listen to music with a vareity of tactile and visual objects for you to explore together.

0 - 2s: for children under 24 months

Lively classes full of action songs and movement. Classes include warm up songs, circle songs, bouncing and play songs and calming lullabies. The children are invited to explore a range of simple instruments and sensory props.

2s and 3s: for children aged 24-48 months

At this stage the children begin to interact more independently. The children are invited to enjoy sound making with a range of percussion instruments, and their own voices. They participate in action songs, and musical games and add their own ideas. They take an active part in listening to and responding with movement to a range of live instruments. Musical stories help bring the class to a calm end each week.

3s and 4s: for 3 and 4 year olds

These Kodaly and Dalcroze inspired classes teach children from the age of 36 months the basics of music including pulse (beat), rhythm and pitch. Through movment, musical games, songs, puppets the children feel the beat, learn simple melodies and have a lot of fun! Each song and movement activity (often accompanied by live piano playing) is carefully chosen to allow the children to develop a musical skill. They are then able to begin on the journey of musical literacy, having felt the music in their bodies first.